epathlab is designed with 2 main objectives in mind

specifically laboratories LIMS

1. Increase customer satisfaction

(The collection centre/referring doctor) by generating high quality reports and placing them in the hands of your customers as quickly as possible

2. Increase cash flow

thus helping your business grow by integrating the billing with the clinical so that as soon as the report is signed out, the billing is ready can be submitted to collection centre electronically for processing.

specifically laboratories LIMS

More Reasons

  • epathlab allows you to define each user’s level of access to the system.
  • The audit trail log tracks all entries into the system including the information           entered, a timestamp, and the employee code of the person making the entry.
  • epathlab uses 128-bit web encryption - the highest level of security available.
  • Daily back-ups of the database is taken.
  • Raid 5 hard drives implementation with zero downtime guaranteed.
  • epathlab is hosted on high speed dedicated server in a secured environment, with           100% uptime guarantee.