ePathLab.Com is online virtual Pathology Labs/Diagnostic Centers Management Software which enables laboratories to move towards paperless office and comply with regulatory requirements.

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  • Rapidly Locate Specimens and their Genealogy
  • Organize Experiments, Studies & Tests Results
  • Maintain Patient & Client Information
  • Streamline Laboratory Requisitions
  • Track Shipments to Clients & Collaborators
  • Generate Meaningful Reports
  • Product functionality and breadth of integration across a wide range of           laboratories
  • Performance, security, scalability, flexibility and reliability of the software
  • Quality of professional services and customer support
  • Reputation and financial stability
  • Cost and demonstrable benefits for customers;
  • Speed and ease of implementation and integration
  • Sales and marketing capabilities.

Benefits of using ePathLab are

  • Enhancement in efficiency of business
  • Improvement in quality of reports
  • Improvement in quality of data
  • Automated quality control and customer reports
  • Easy accessibility to data
  • Storage of data in database


  • PC/Mobile
  • Web Based, Browser Independent
  • Instrument Interface Uni/By directional