ePathLab is cloud based LIMS software ready to take care of all crucial lab processes. Do what you love, while our software manages everything for you.

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specifically laboratories LIMS

Exclusive Platform, designed, built and maintained specifically for laboratories of all kinds

ePathLab solution to fit specific laboratory processes, size and budget is tailored from ePathLab 's exclusive Platform, designed, built and maintained specifically for laboratories of all kinds, from single-user to global corporate networks, with special attention to small and medium-sized labs who have traditionally been priced out of the LIMS/LIS/LES market. Your tailored solution is packaged according to your industry, specific workflows and needs, size, and budget, using the right combination of apps in our application library to perfectly suit you

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ePathLab data management solution is a function of several things, and they all have to be of high quality and performance, and fit your specific needs.

A solution is a function of:


Both the foundational technology and IT environment, and the technology of the applications are huge determiners of the performance, reliability and longevity of any solution.


The best technologies are easy to work with and allow for a lot of flexibility and scalability - preferably from the user side too. In general, the more flexible, the greater the longevity. Labs grow and change. Your data management solution needs to be able to keep up. And that means plenty of available support as well.


A solution is pointless unless it has ALL of the capabilities you need it to have. Today's LIMS for instance, like the ePathLab webbased LIMS, is designed to be essentially an ERP system for the laboratory.


A lab is a smoothly orchestrated set of processes all working together, from testing workflow process steps to successful data transfer of data between instruments, systems and reports. Good solutions readily play well with others to support this.