epathlab LIMS work flow

On-line Requisition Entry

The collection centre/ referring doctor fills out an on-line requisition form and send the bar-coded specimen vials to the pathology lab. When the specimens vials arrive at the lab, the bar-coded vials are scanned, samples are accepted or rejected for a specific reason. All other patient demographics are entered while ordering a test.

Pathology Laboratory Starts Case / Accession

Upon receipt of the specimen from the collection centre/ referring doctor or individual patient, a unique sample identification number is allocated to the specimen. The technician will then process the specimens and prepare them for review by the pathologist. Epathlab.com has a "Work Sheet" used to track the status of each specimen.

Clinical Work, Transcription & Sign out Report

Once the samples are tested, the clinical work can be performed. The technician enters the results and completes the report, uploads images and any relevant document (i.e. clinical, insurance details, etc)
Upon completion of the technicians work, the pathologist reviews the report and sign out the report from any location whether it is another lab, a hospital, home, etc.

Report Is Authorized and ready for delivery.

Once the case has been finished and the doctor has signed out (Authorized) the report, it is ready for the printing. Epathlab.com.in generates automatically HTML/PDF format of the report. This report is NABL compliant. The report is ready and can be emailed, faxed to the referring physician, or the physician may log into Epathlab.com.in to view the report online. The entire reporting process is done electronically, automatically, and instantly. Report delivery is made electronically. There are no couriers or shipping companies involved.

Billing is generated

Once the report has been generated, the billing is generated instantly for collection centre/individual patients/referring physician. Epathlab.com.in enables the fastest and most accurate information needed for the billing dept with the data they need.

Bill Is Collected

The billing can be raised at end of the month to collection centers. Collection centers can able to see their electronic bill. They can pay the bill by cheque/direct depositing payment in the bank or can pay by credit card thru 128 bit secured payment gateway service.

Bills are generated instantly; lab can keep a complete track of every collection centre. At any moment you can see complete up-to-date information. Lab can instantly see Income and expense statement, Collection centres Ledgers, cash books, bank books etc.

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