Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Online software has many advantages over offline, desktop softwares.
On Home page there is a link, Become a Member click it.
No , there is no need of taking back up of the data. Your data is safe with us. We take backup of data in real time.
No, there is no worry abt data crash. Your data is safe with us. We take backup of data in real time.
No , there is no worry abt software crash. Your software is internet (web) based. As long as PC is running & internet is running, your software will be running.
Absolutely safe and secured. We have the web server of tera bytes capacity at our HIPAA Certified Data Centers with 128 bit encryption. Hence data is 100% safe. There is no possibility of hacking the customers data.
Absolutely not! As the data is protected by user name and password, no body except you can see your data/information.
You can remit payment by various ways like 1. Bank Deposit in the name of Epathlab.Com Pvt Ltd 2. Redeeming a epathlab coupon (Coming Soon) 3. Online Transaction (Coming Soon)
You need to send email to with your member ID, and payment deposit. Also we will give you link on epathlab website where you can inform to us for payment made.
Your membership will be active from 28th Oct 2016.
  • Yes, if you are booking in group of 10 participants, you get 10% discount
  • If you are booking in group of 15 participants, you get 15% discount
  • If you are booking in group of 20 & above participants, you get 20% discount
As long as you are a member of our software, you can keep your data, year after year.
Yes, You can delete your data/information.
Software Updates are automatic and will be given to you on quarterly basis.
Yes, you can suggest new features. There will be facility in your member area, through which you can send your suggestions.
You have been given training material on line in your member area. You can learn from the same. Our support department is handy in case of your queries.
Our technical support department will be handy to give you support. The support is provided by telephonic conversation, emailing or online chat. You can refer support section on epathlab website for updated support information.
Software is dependent on your internet as well as your computer's speed. A Good computer processor, Min Pentium IV with 1 MBPS broadband unlimited will give a good speed.
It is recommended to use broadband internet connection minimum 1 MBPS speed with unlimited use.
You must have computer with following minimum requirement: Pentium IV processor & above, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD, Broadband Internet connection min 1 MBPS, IE/Mozilla internet browser.
You can run this software on any of the operating system Windows, Linux, Sun etc. As long as you can browse the website, you are ok.
Yes, with every patient, you will get one SMS Free. In addition to it, you can buy additional SMS pack from us. SMS facility is available in India only.
Yes, you can send to patient an email directly from your member control panel.
Yes, you can see report online. Reports are instantly updated. You can browse information from anywhere, anytime.
Yes, you can send reminder to patient through Email and SMS. Email reminder is free, SMS reminder; you have to buy SMS pack from us. SMS facility is provided in India only. International SMS are on the way and will be available in the future.
You can check the membership plans. Also new features are added in every 3 months.
Yes, it is online software. Hence, it is instantly updated everywhere and the updates are available to all members.
Yes, there is a facility of locate / search a laboratory. Patient can locate you and directly contact to you from there, request will come to you via SMS and Email.
Yes, you will get requests by email, or SMS. Patient can send requests directly as soon as they found your name. Email and SMS will directly come in your member area control panel. SMS will come on your mobile.
It is available for Silver, Gold and Platinum Membership
Yes, it is available for Silver, Gold and Platinum Membership, to Avail Mobile APP, you need to pay extra charges.
Once patient enter its login details, it will ask to download mobile app or continue to mobile site. Also mobile app will be available for download at the app store.
Your patient can view reports and manage his complete health record on web and mobile application. Patient can also book home visit and see different health packages for your lab. Patient can search a nearby lab using mobile app etc.