epathlab solution enables laboratories to move towards paperless office and comply with regulatory requirements. epathlab solution is designed to engage small, medium labs to use the power of online lab management system at an affordable cost.

More Features

No Heavy Costing

No upfront cost, just a minimum investment to start the services. Imagine how much time goes in buying of software.

No Infrastructure/IT

You do not need heavy duty computers and infrastructure. Just simple PC with Internet connection will do.

No Risk/High ROI

Maintaining the Epathlab.com is Low risk. Subscribers are very quickly enjoying the benefits of an operational system at minimal investment; It gives high returns on investments.

Economies of Scale

epathlab.com is very affordable. Because there is no individual deployment according to individual customer, Epathlab.com becomes cheaper, costs are slashed and the savings passed onto the customer.

Unlimited Scalability

epathlab.com is on demand based. You can configure as per your requirements, If you need more, just ask. SaaS is for all practical purposes unlimited. You can grow or shrink feature/function-wise (horizontally) as well as throughput or user-wise.

No Data Security Issues

The epathlab.com has a critical need to ensure a high level of data security. Your data is secured in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act) compliant environment with 128 bit encryption system, with redundancy and backups to ensure the greatest protection possible. Your data is more secure in a good SaaS environment rather than on your office PC.

No Delayed Deployment

epathlab.com can be deployed in just day-or-two, which means a reduction in deployment time. Epathlab.com helps in training and configuration needed for your workflow right away, shortening the overall time to Go Live.

Unlimited Secure Access

epathlab.com is precisely controlled by login permissions. Use of a SaaS application is not restricted to a single workstation. It is unlimited usage, anywhere and anytime. Staff and customers can check their records, results and access reports from their own computers.

Free-up IT Department for Better Allocation

epathlab.com helps in freeing up of your IT resources, allowing them to concentrate on maintaining the existing systems well, rather than giving them even less time to attend to quality assurance and pro-active improvements in performance.

Upgrade Assurance

In the epathlab.com, any patches or upgrades may be applied when ready, and consistently across customer applications. You don’t risk faulty deployment of fixes, upgrades or versions, and you always have the latest and greatest.

No Lock-In

epathlab.com makes you worry free. Since you haven’t invested heavily both time-wise and cash-wise, you can feel free to change your solution if you suddenly decide it’s not meeting your needs. And you aren’t stuck with an obsolete purchased application for which you have no support.

More Benefits

epathlab.com is ideally suited to offering more than one application. Along with Epathlab.com you get CRM, Time Tracking, Help Desk, e-Commerce, Accounting, Productivity and more, plus additional programs available for purchase/download.